LiveMap Helmet is an intelligent augmented reality helmet

Livemap helps drivers with road navigation and motorcycle control.
The interface is projected directly onto the shield. The driver does not need to be distracted by control devices and gadgets, and this significantly increases his/her safety.
Andrey Artishchev, LiveMap founder and ideological inspirer has been leading the project for several years, he has created and tested 4 prototypes.

Smirnov Design has been developing the project for over a year and the work is still ongoing.
During this time, we have carried out research design, defined the strategy, as well as have developed the construction and design based on research, and produced a pre-production model.

As always, we started the project by studying analogues and consulting with experts.
We have been working on the layout and coordination of issues related to optics and physics for eight months.
This is the most time-consuming and longest phase of work.
We worked on the optimal location of the projection area, analyzed the ergonomics:
determined the position of the head and eyes in the helmet, took into account the anthropometry of people from 5 to 95 percentiles.

The design coordination and adjustment of the projection system, which is a unique one, took the most of the time.
At this stage of the project, we worked in a team with optics and mathematical surface specialists from the USA, St. Petersburg and Tolyatti.
Various optical layout options and shield models have been repeatedly tested to achieve a perfect image in the user-friendly projection area.
In the course of the project, the shield formation was changed more than 40 times along with the change of the projection area.
Minimizing the optical distortions of the shield was one of the tasks in the course of this work.
This aspect is important for driver safety and is strictly regulated by the standards.

Our helmet is fully compliant with the USA DOT, European ECE 22.05 standards, which distinguishes it from many other designs of augmented reality helmets.

For example:
all the internal electronic and optical components of the helmet must be below the red line.
Many existing analogues neglect this requirement. Along with the layout work, we searched for and analyzed materials and selected the production technology.
We focused on glass-filled plastics and injection molding technology.
This has ensured sufficient repeatability for large runs and precise positioning of the optical circuit.

Optical design, layout and compliance with the standards are the factors that have practically shaped the appearance of the helmet.
The design development is carried out quickly and efficiently after deep analysis and qualitative study of the layout scheme. We have been working on the concept for about two weeks.

After that, our designers prepared the model for prototyping and sent it into production.

Nowadays, the project is at the stage of pre-production sample testing.
The helmet prototype was presented at CES 2019 – Consumer Electronics Show JAN 8-11, 2019 LAS VEGAS, NV.

In February 2020, the Livemap helmet is presented at the World Friendship Design exhibition at the Tretyakov Gallery.The Tretyakov Gallery is a Moscow art museum and one of the most famous exhibition centers in Russia with a 200-year history.

To date, the prototype of the product has passed the initial check for compliance with ECE 22.05 certification standards.

ECE 22.05 certification is one of the guarantors of safety. Its norms were prepared by the Economic Council of Europe, it is valid all over the world and is mandatory in 50 countries of the world.

Our specialists worked at different project stages.
Sergey Smirnov, Ivan Shchipunov, Yekaterina Grigorieva, Anna Reshetnikova were engaged in research and analysis, calculations were made by our designer Aleksey Tsyganko.
Ivan Shchipunov and Anna Reshetnikova worked on the layout and concepts.
Visualization – Dmitry Ponomarev and Ivan Shchipunov.
Preparation of the concept for prototyping – Dmitry Modin.


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