Axion Defibrillator


We were required to develop and think over the layout, ergonomics, appearance, select technologies and calculate the design of the device, which would meet the wishes of medical staff and comply with GOSTs. With all these requirements in mind, we developed a strategy design and terms of reference.

Means to an end

As in the case of designing such a class of medical devices, our initial stage of work on the project was the conduct of research design with focus groups aimed at identifying the features of the doctor’s work with such devices and in similar conditions.
Konstantin Sazonov, a medical consultant, also worked closely with us in order to help us to design this device.

The difficulties we have encountered

This device can be used in a hospital or at the scene of the accident.
The greatest difficulty was to create an ergonomic device, which should perfectly cope with its work outside the hospital.
After all, with the help of a defibrillator, one can “bring a man back from the dead”, and if it is not convenient for doctors to use it, there is a risk of missing the very necessary seconds to save lives.


We proposed several new solutions for this type of equipment. Placing electrodes on top of the plane made it possible to simplify and speed up the process of using the device in an emergency situation. We placed a replaceable battery with a front-facing exit. This has made battery replacement quicker and more convenient.

The progress and the result

We have completed all the works for the opening Zdravookhranenie 2012, where our defibrillator was presented. It is possible now to buy it on the website of our customer.

Year: 2012
Team: Sergey Shlyakhov, Ivan Lipkov, Ivan Antonov, Anton Shurygin, Mikhail Oleynikov


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